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Comprar en China es fácil

Comerciantes honestos y confiables desde 1995

(especializada en materias primas)

Nuestra historia

Somos una empresa comercial multigeneracional de gestión familiar que comenzó en un pequeño apartamento en China en 1995. Ahora tenemos varias oficinas y realizamos envíos a más de 30 países. Estamos orgullosos de nuestros valores familiares: INTEGRIDAD, HONESTIDAD y CONFIABILIDAD.


A través de nuestras relaciones de larga data con fabricantes chinos y nuestros sistemas de control de calidad, garantizamos que los envíos se entreguen a tiempo y según lo esperado. Nuestro equipo bilingüe (chino e inglés) trabaja las 24 horas del día para atender las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

¿Que significa? "Lucky Sound" 

En los años 90, los negocios se hacían a menudo por fax. Como sabrá, la máquina de fax emitió un sonido único. Llamamos a este sonido "afortunado", ya que significaba que acababa de llegar un pedido.

Nuestra historia

  • The armour industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and much of that growth can be attributed to the availability of boron carbide. B4C is one of the most effective materials for resisting dangerous objects like bullets and shrapnel not just because it is so tough, but because of its lightweight nature.

  • The most compelling issue facing nuclear power plants is controlling events inside the reactor. Boron carbide is a staple of the nuclear industry for its neutron-absorbing properties, low price and widespread availability. It also produces no radionuclides thereby reducing residual radioactivity levels.  

  • Boron Carbide powder excels in abrasive applications due to its extreme hardness and chemical stability, making it ideal for grinding, lapping, and polishing. It is widely used for the precise finishing of optical lenses, semiconductor wafers, ceramic parts, and metal components. The powder is available in a variety of grit sizes, each designed to provide optimal performance for specific material finishes. Its high wear resistance ensures efficient material removal, achieving precise surface flatness and smoothness essential for high-quality components.

  • Because of its virtually unparalleled toughness, B4C is extensively used as an abrasive to polish and shape a variety of hard materials. It is commonly found in industrial-grade cutting and grinding machines where it is used to cut alloys of titanium, aluminium and stainless steel. B4C is also highly resistant to corrosion and heat so it can be found in things like pipes and nozzles.

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