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1995 年以来、誠実で信頼できるトレーダー


high purity iron


当社は、1995 年に中国の小さなアパートで創業した、数世代にわたる家族経営の商社です。現在、複数のオフィスを構え、30 か国以上に発送しています。私たちは、誠実さ、正直さ、信頼性という家族の価値観に誇りを持っています。


中国の製造業者との長年にわたる関係および品質管理システムを通じて、当社は出荷が期日どおりに期待どおりに配達されることを保証します。当社のバイリンガル チーム (中国語と英語) は、クライアントのニーズに応えるために 24 時間体制で働いています。


「ラッキー サウンド」とは何を意味しますか?

90 年代には、ビジネスは FAX で行われることがよくありました。ご存知かもしれませんが、ファックスは独特な音を出しました。ちょうど注文が入ったことを意味するので、私たちはこの音を「ラッキー」と呼びました。


  • Many types of diamond cutting tools rely on customised iron and alloy powders, which in turn are dependent on high purity iron. Both the cutting ability and durability of these tools are dependent on the stability of the iron powders used in their manufacture, hence the dependence on high purity iron. A high degree of consistency in the alloyed powders used to create these tools is also important in making them more effective.

  • Our high purity iron, available in both billets and bars, serves as the backbone for manufacturing a wide range of precision alloys. These materials are pivotal in industries where exacting specifications are crucial, including aerospace, automotive, and electronics. The superior purity of our iron ensures minimal impurity inclusion, resulting in alloys with enhanced electrical, magnetic, and thermal properties.

  • Electric heating elements, vital for various industrial heaters, furnaces, and resistors, rely on high purity iron for their construction. The low carbon, phosphorus, and sulfur content of our iron make it an ideal base material, offering consistent performance, longevity, and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures.

  • The smelting of low-carbon and ultra-low carbon stainless steel demands the highest purity iron as a starting material. Our industrial-grade iron billets and bars are pivotal in producing stainless steel that features enhanced corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and welding capabilities, meeting the stringent requirements of construction, medical, and food processing equipment manufacturing.

  • Powder metallurgy industries utilise our high purity iron, processed into powder form, to create parts and components with precise dimensional tolerances and varied porosity. This method enables the production of complex shapes and materials that would be challenging or impossible to achieve through traditional manufacturing techniques, including high-performance gears, bearings, and filtration systems.


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